Edgar Cruz (usn-ret)

Sr.Business Development Manager for the VALOR Mortgage Team Powered by Edge Home Finance NMLS 891464

USN-RET Sr. Chief Edgar Cruz.  

Former Logistics Management Specialist | Quality Assurance Tech | Warehouse, Material, & Financial Manager |Purchaser Agent

Edgar Cruz is a highly accomplished and well-rounded Logistician. He has over a decade of experience in managing financial budgets, quality assurance, purchasing agent, reporting and analysis, surface and air load planning, and warehouse management. His passion in bringing a quality product to his customers is something he strives for on his day-to-day work. He is resourceful, dedicated, and meticulous. In the past, he was commended for overhauling a failed project to the command’s strong point.

Edgar is also a great leader and good mentor, which allows him to bring together professionals across different departments or companies. He holds a Master of Science in Strategic Leadership from University of West Virginia and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science with focus on Environmental Health from California State University, Los Angeles.

Edgar now spends part of his time advocating for active duty service members and prior service members, giving them access to VA wholesale with the VALOR Mortgage Team.

You can reach Edgar at 1(833)VALOR-MT ex. 1. 

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