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Underwriter Issued Preapproval Letter

Buy-side Agents, Listing Agents, Investors, both seasoned & new buyers want the value and confidence of a Preapproval issued by an Underwriter. 

The lenders call this Lender Backed Income Preapproval. Not all lenders offer this service where they validate your Income, Employment, and Assets upfront. This is valuable because every borrower is unique, and has different qualifications. If there are any doubts about income, occupancy type or other things that you're unsure of, don't take the chance, get it identified by an underwriter upfront.    

Not only does it save lots of time, it gives your Realtor more confidence, and it improves the turn time of closing.

Some loan officers issue a "Prequalification Letter" and call it a "Preapproval" without verifying any income, assets, or employment. Every loan is "subject to underwriting verification", but there are some things that beyond your lock expiration to source, and that's not the kind of stress you want to add unnecessarily in the middle of contract.  

Why wait until you get into contract, get an Underwriter issued Preapproval before you even shop!

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